Port Hidalgo Player Questionnaire

Please fill out this questionnaire if you will be playing in the game. Based on your responses, we will do our best to give you a part you will enjoy.

Who Are You?

Please provide the following contact information:



We do not anticipate needing to talk to you in person before the game, but you never know....

Preferred Phone Number:

Best Time(s) to Call:

What is your gender?

Would you greatly mind crossplaying? (Playing a character of the opposite gender)
Yes, I Would
No, I Would Not
If You Really Need Me To Only

Rate 'Em

Please rate your interest in the following themes, where "1" means "I don't want to do this" and "5" means "gimme gimme gimme."

Honest Work
Clue Gathering
Mystery Solving
Enlightened Self-Interest
Religon (Christian or other)

The following descriptions represent opposite ends of a scale ranging from 1 to 5. Please select a number indicating the position on each scale that your preferred character would be found.

1:I will be just another face in the crowd, quietly pursuing my own goals
5: I will be in big public scenes; everyone will know who I am

1: I don't want a character who is unlikely to meet his or her goals
5: I do not mind an uphill fight.
(No character is pre-doomed to failure, though some goals may be very difficult to achieve.)

1: I don't want my character to die during the course of the game
5: It's okay if my character dies during the game
(In nine runs and counting, no one has ever been killed off until near the end of the game.)

1: I will start the game in control of my situation
5: I'd rather start the game hosed, with big problems to overcome

1: I do not want to be overloaded with things to do
5: I want to have more tasks and goals than I can hope to resolve during the game

1: I will throw on something vaguely appropriate right before the game
5: I will go out of my way to acquire suitable clothing

The Dreaded Essay Questions!

Please answer these with as much or as little information as you think will help us give you an entertaining character.

What kind of larps have you played in before?

Have you played in Port Hidalgo before? If so, which run and what character?

Is there anyone else who might be playing that you'd like to be matched with or against?

Is there anyone else who might be playing that you would rather not be matched with or against?

Are you willing to wear an eyepatch during the game?

How about a peg leg?

Do you have a trained parrot? Does it say "Pieces of Eight"?

Have drink and the devil done for the rest?

Extra Credit!

You're preparing to help Jim the Cabin Boy dig a deep hole in the beach to bury Blackbeard's treasure, as Blackbeard stands watch, when you overhear Blackbeard mutter "Dead men tell no tales!" What do you do?

Which of your responses above should we pay the most attention to?