Port Hidalgo Links

Argh! We pirates be everywhere, matey! See where we be found:

Historical Links

No Quarter Given
This is a very impressive pirate site, with links to probably everything you'd ever need to know about historical piracy and modern-day recreations.

All our original research sites but NQG have long since gone dark, but NQG has only gotten better.

Costuming Hints

The Costumer's Manifesto-- 18th Century Pages
Everything you've always wanted to know about dressing for the time period, but didn't know where to look. (This site actually has links to every costuming kind of thing you can think of, from historical to fantasy to kink to cosplay.)
Ren Boots
Philip got his exceedingly cool pirate boots (the "Porthos" style) here. Good service, great folks!

Other Larping Opportunities

Ricardo's Union Saloon
A most excellent game by Marc Blumberg and Drew Novick--check it out!
A very cool game by Marc Blumberg and Chad Brinkley--check it out!
LARPA, the Live Action Role Players Association
A good source of information on LARPS.
The best and longest-running all-LARP convention around.

Other Webmaster Sites

This section was added by Jennifer, in exchange for doing all the work on this website.
Chicago TARDIS
Official Site of the annual Chicagoland Thankgiving weekend Doctor Who convention.
Blog For Gallifrey
Ramblings of an old Old School Doctor Who fan.