Port Hidalgo Credits

The creation of Port Hidalgo was masterminded by Philip Kelley who, had he known how much work it would actually take, would have cheerfully gone ahead and done it anyway.

The game would never have reached its final form without the incredible efforts of Sean Rhodes, who managed to keep Philip’s wilder ideas in check, wearing out only three keyboards in the process.

The game would make far less sense than it does had Marc Blumberg not poked, prodded, asked tough questions, and other wise slapped Philip and Sean around until they started making sense.

Drew Novick overhauled the economic system, even claiming that the calculations involved required calculus. If you end up dead broke at the end of the game, it's his fault. 

A big hand to everyone else who has ever helped in the non-trivial task of running the game: Dean Edgell, Eileen Maloney, Brian Grau, Tim Weaver, Wendy Weaver, Kelly O'Donoghue, Margaret Landreth, Uncle Don Ross, Cyndi Bakke, Valerie Kelley... and many others who have helped out one way or another.

Thanks also go to Sandy Antunes and his larp, "Red Skies" from which (in fine piratical tradition) I liberated the basis of Port Hidalgo’s combat system.

Most importantly, the game would never have seen the light of day had it not been for Jennifer Kelley’s willingness to put up (and continue to put up) with the extremes of her husband’s stupid hobby.

Lastly, the whole idea started while rotating high above Milwaukee after Gencon ’98, when Sue Grau said, "I’d like to try and put on a pirate larp next year", and then went back to New Jersey. Without her to toss out the first line, it would never have seen the light of day.