Props For Port Hidalgo

Whenever posible, we will supply props for the more important items in the game (for example, our large supply of golden doubloons). If we don’t have a prop, we will provide a card representing the item. If you have something that you think would fit into the game, please bring it along, and if we can we’ll use it.

An exception to this are weapons. In Port Hidalgo, the distinction between those who have weapons and those who do not is very important. Instead of item cards players will be carrying (toy) swords and (nerf) guns. So, if a character has a sword, he or she will be carrying a sword; if they have a gun, they will be carrying a gun. If you have no sword or gun, you are unarmed. Dropped it? Put it down somewhere? Some one took it? Oops…


Swords are large chunks of sharpened steel carried in protective sheathings. It obvious who is carrying a sword; in fact, given the context of the game, there is little reason to try and conceal one.

You will only start the game with a sword if your character starts with a sword. We will bring a supply of toy swords to the game (thank you, Oriental Trading Co.) These come with scabbards, so the distinction between a gentleman bearing a sheathed sword and a charging madman should be readily apparent.

Please do not bring your own sword to the game. Issues of insurance, safety, and neighbors calling the cops aside, not everyone will have access to impressive works of craftsmanship. Moreover, as all swords in the game inflict the same damage, carrying a real one would give you an unfair psychological advantage. If everyone has the same cheap toy sword dangling from their period costume, we won’t have that problem.


We will also be supplying the guns. In this game, you're shot if you are actually shot. (Don't worry, they're just pump-action Nerf guns.) There is an obvious advantage in being able to conceal these, but they are pretty clunky. This is on purpose! The guns of the day (or at least those available "here and now") were not known for their reliability, ease of use, accuracy, or compactness. As with swords, your character sheet states whether or not you will start with a gun.

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