Port Hidalgo Money

How Much is How Much?

Port Hidalgo works off of the gold standard, with silver being used for minor expenses. Here's a rough idea of what things are worth.

1-4 silver coins = a decent meal, a round of drinks, a room for the night.
About 20 silver coins = 1 gold coin.
1 gold coin = a healthy bribe.
5 gold coins = price of a poor slave or decent piece of craftsmanship.
10 = price of a good slave or good piece of craftsmanship.
20 = price of a small ship in good shape*, or an old ship in poor shape*.
40 = average earnings of a common laborer in one year, or the cost of a fair-size ship in good shape*.
50 to 100 = approximate cost to own real estate.
100 = enough money to live large for a year, or for a first-rate warship* (assuming you could find a seller).
500 = enough money to retire on, living modestly, or few years of living large; also enough to purchase a title ("Sir").
1000 = a fortune, with proper investing allows you to retire and live well the rest of your days; higher-ranked titles and government positions are available at this level.
10,000 and up = as above, but obscenely rich, and the next few generations will name their children after you.

* The price of boats and ships is actually quite subjective. Most seaworthy vessels are made in Europe and are very expensive--but few residents of the New World can afford such rates. Moreover, buyers and sellers are few and far between. Because of this, the prices shown are not entirely out of line.

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