Port Hidalgo Characters

All players in Port Hidalgo will wear name badges. Your name badge will display both your character name and a brief description of the initial impression that someone meeting your character for the first time might get. (This description is not intended to replace costuming, but rather to help it. First impressions are based in part on intangibles such as expression, bearing, age, and other factors that are hard to get across in a gaming situation.) For example, your badge might say:

John Smith
Local Laborer

This way, players who know your character will be able to identify you right off, and others who don't know you will get a general idea of who or what you are-at least, as much as they can from a cursory glance. Your character may also be on the lookout for another character for whom you only have the description (such as "One-Armed Man"). Lastly, not all descriptions will be unique-for example, there will be several "Pirate Captain" badges. (This does leave the issue of characters knowing one another's names without ever having met or been introduced. Please consider this a role-playing challenge.)

Another example:

Edward "Blackbeard" Teach
Famous Pirate Captain

This name badge (combined with other game materials) should leave little doubt who you are dealing with. In general, if your character or position is quite prominent, everyone else in the game will probably know something about you. (You will know your description before the game, and no, you may not change it.)

The following is a list of descriptions for characters who may be in the game. While not all of them will be present, certainly all of them could be here tonight. 

Lieutenant Governor
Captain of the Guards
Customs Officer
King's Commissioner
English Man at Arms
English Marine
English Nobleman
English Noblewoman
French Gentleman
Spanish Don
Italian Grandee
Dutch Captain
Disheveled Spanish Captain
Dowdy Matron
Spanish Lady
Catholic Priest
Junior Assistant Clerk (you did guess this was a GM character, right?)
Pirate Captain
"Pirate Queen"
Pirate Crewman
Pirate Crewwoman
Bestial Pirate
Tavern Keeper
Serving Wench
Dockside Slattern
Fiery Young Maiden
Crippled Drunkard
Native Farmer
Disquieting Old Native
Ship’s Crewman
Ship’s Crewwoman
Minor Functionary
Local Laborer

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