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Aye, I were there that fateful night.Gentleman Johnny Stuart, Tom "Cutlass" Clarke, Angela Grace, and more o' their kind were ashore, and a worse crew o' bloody-handed pirates you'll never hope to meet in this world. Aye, the history books tell a pretty tale, but I'm tellin ye straight, they weren't the only ones abroad that night, and not the worst o' the lot by a far mark.

The Cask and Keg looked a cheery place in the storm, but precious few who walked in that night walked out untouched. Buy me a round and I'll tell ye all about it-the pirates, the scoundrels, the heroes and the damned all alike, and what really happened that night in...


Port Hidalgo is a live action role-playing game set in the Caribbean of the early 1700's, the "golden age of piracy." While this was a pretty unpleasant time to live in, we will be viewing it through the musty layers of time and the tinted lenses of Hollywood. Thus, pirates are rogues—some dashing, some otherwise—living the brave, free life of the sea; important travelers are abroad, following their own private agendas; government officials seek to extract their share of the wealth from the economy, by fair means or foul; and the odd masked figure lurks in the shadows, with purposes best left unspoken. You might expect a damsel in distress, but far more likely you will find the damsels swinging on the chandeliers along with everyone else.

While the game’s characters and setting are (for the most part) fictional, world history is largely left intact. The year is 1720. The European powers are, for the first time in decades, at peace, and trade with the New World is growing in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, the rank and file of their recently-decommissioned navies have quickly learned that piracy is a hot growth sector. What this also means is that there will be no fantastic elements in the game: no elves, no magic*, no vampires, no time travelers, no space aliens, and no Cthulhu (tempting though it was—his agents drive a hard bargain). 

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