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The Bat Questionnaire

Holy Pecking Order, Batman! The answers to the following questions will determine a player's place in Gotham society!

Please answer all questions, thanks.

Please provide the following contact information:




What is your preferred contact method?


What is your age?

Accuracy within 5 years appreciated....

What is your gender?


Are you willing to crossplay (i.e. play someone of the opposite gender)?


How familiar are you with the 1960's Batman T.V. show?

There was a time I watched it with almost religious fervor
I have seen it many times, it's fun
I've seen it once or twice, it's ok
A live-action show? Are you sure?

How about the Green Hornet T.v. show?

I know all about it!
I think I've seen an episode or two
You mean the recent movie wasn't an original idea?

How much or little do the following game options appeal to you? Rate them as 1(I'd rather watch t.v.), 2 (that's ok), or 3 (I do this on my days off).

1 2 3 Supervillian
1 2 3 Upright Citizen
1 2 3 Superhero
1 2 3 Over-the-Top Acting
1 2 3 Coy, tongue-in-cheek
1 2 3 Reliable Straight Man
1 2 3 Team Player
1 2 3 Working on my own

Secrets are a big part of the game. What would you do with yours?

Any secrets I have, I'll keep to myself.
I would disclose important secrets only to trusted confederates
I will confide my secrets to anyone who looks trustworthy.
The more secrets I have, the more dramatic monologues I can give!

You are a nefarious villain, and have just captured Batman. What do you do with him?

You are Batman, and a nefarious villain has just (insert your answer to the prior question here). What do you do?

And finally....

Julie Newmar
Eartha Kitt
Lee Merriweather
Burgess Meredith

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